- Being a guy, and perhaps not as sensitive as my wife, I notice only subtle differences since installing the nuvoH2O water softening system. I have tested it and used it. Many people opt for a reverse osmosis system for drinking water: What would you recommend for apartment building 20 one bedroom and 30 efficiency units. So I don't drink or cook with the softened water but all the appliances and showers are served with softened water. This why you CANNOT water your plants with "softened" water but you can with acid conditioned water. Meant for homes of 1,000 square feet or less, … https://www.homedepot.com/p/NuvoH2O-Complete-Salt-Free-Water-Softener-System-50-000-Gal-DPNCB/207107279 Which Nuvo system did you test? It also states that "soft water is water that is free of mineral ions as well as dissolved salts." Do chlorine systems work to soften water? This article is terribly misleading. While having it repaired the technician from Ben Franklin said our water softener system needed to be replaced with the Nuvo system the best you can buy to the tune of 6;000.00 (fish on right) which is the going price for a new system. Also, you can't use conventional techniques to test for end-state water hardness, since the metallic ions would still test as being present. If it does actually acidify your water to below 7.0, (which by adding acid to the water would certainly be a possibility) it could be very dangerous for people with copper pipes that have copper sensitivities such as Wilson's disease, as it would accelerate leaching and integration of copper into the water supply from the copper piping. We are just moving to a new house and I want to buy a product that is all-around friendly to my children, plants, pool, and everything in the house especially drinking. https://www.uswatersystems.com/clean-water-test-best-value.html The salesman on the phone told me it would cure everything from scurvy to toenail fungus. We are in Utah so we are in hard water country. We have over 10,000 products. It also does not soften the water, even though they call it a "softener.". Here is a systems that will flow up to 4 GPM. Just clean, clear, safe water for drinking, cooking and bathing. The ingredient in the cartridge binds calcium carbonate dissolved in tap water so that it cannot form scale in pipes & fixtures. He was still skeptical because... well... he had bought one, and didn't want to think he had made the wrong decision. https://www.uswatersystems.com/water-filter-module-5-us-water-limeblaster-salt-free-water-conditioner.html We have Nuvo h2o for 3 years but I don’t think it has really soften water. I can see you save on soaps etc., but water usage what ii saving in percentage of softened water usage over unsoftened usage? If you are seeking all the benefits of "soft" water, only a water softener can do that: I live in Inkster, Mi. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews. Mark - I started reading your blog in an effort to gather information for my thesis paper. This article is writen by US Water Systems to sell their product by producing a liable article. It's much cheaper than NuvoH2o and while it does not soften water, it does protect the plumbing and everything water touches from limescale. The NUVO H2O Studio Water Softener System is the smallest model the company offers but is just as effective as the larger versions for its size. We are water treatment experts and solve a variety of water problems. Does it hurt anything? They are however chelated, meaning in layman's terms they are locked up and unreactive. Besides, who wants to make the water acidic? We have used the NUVOH2O cartridges for steamers (foodservice) and it does work - IT IS JUST NOT A SOFTENER! Additionally, soft water extends the life of clothes and appliances and cut what heating costs by over 30%. ... including videos. When we leave for the summer months here in Fort Mohave we fill five gallon buckets with water. Hi Mark, https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-lab-water-test.html. 2. As the filter got past replacement time ,(H2O filter), that's when the smell kicked in. Aren't most companies on late night infomercials. Will a Nuvo H2o water system setup before a Water Softener hurt or damage the water softener? Nuvo would do themselves a favor with being more truthful on what to expect. What can I do to fix this? NUVOH2O says they do not remove RUST. To know more about the benefits of this water softener read our NuvoH2O reviews below. www.nuvoh2o.com/social - Here is a step by step installation video on how to install the nuvoH2O Salt-Free Water Softener System. I'm not that stupid! It cleaned the cement to a white I did not know existed, instantly. Our Limeblaster is just as effective at half the price! Help. I don't like the thought of adding sodium or potassium to water I may be drinking. • Chemically Suppressed Ion Chromatography Much worse. Without the cloudy glassware which look like someone just drank milk out of the glass. Many people like what NuvoH2o does. More difficult then if it was hard water. I am proud to to tell you that we have negotiated a special deal for our customers. This is going to be fun. The system includes a cartridge filled with citric acid. They have evidently tricked you into believing it is a "softener" and it is not. In many cases it does an excellent job at preventing scale. A friend tried to sell me a nuvo h20 system but after reading above... not interested in that one.. 3000 sq ft. already plummed for the house. Ray Gibson. The term "softener" is understood by the consumer as conditioning. The Bodyguard is going to remove the Chlorine as well as the chloramine and other chemicals, and the Green Wave will prevent scale. I'm needing an answer pretty quickly as we are plumbing right now. I've already had my water tested and the main results are below: i made the mistake of buying one of these nuvo h20 pieces of junk. I need a system for my customer in trabuco canyon California Adam but I can't do home work on these other systems fast enough I need help please. We have a number of systems depending upon what you want to accomplish. What system do you suggest to get? Maybe that skin is money! This type of conditioning has been used for decades on industrial scales but is now available to the general consumer. These are not EPA Certified tests and 7 or 8 contaminants are not enough. One question to start with: What do you mean by "I don’t install conventional water softens because of the knowledge of side effects to the home plumbing system as well as environmental concerns." In the first restroom closest too the system had black soot and a clear gel all inside the water holding tank. If I could buy you for what you know and sell you for what you think you know I'd be the ricest man in the world. Do I need to hire a plumber to install the Limeblaster system or can I do it myself? Watch for it next week. Those endorsements are all bought. If you are in a mobile home, how much space do you have? BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. 5 months returned to water all evaporated (which we expected) and every bucket had an inch, no kidding, of salt in bottom of buckets. She lives 2500 miles away. My husband just replaced the filter as I'm writing this, after 4 months of use, and he had to wipe out all of the black gunk built up inside of it- the same stuff that is staining the tanks of ALL of my brand new toilets. https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-lab-water-test.html Pelican Water. https://www.uswatersystems.com/city-municipal-water-filtration, oh btw my house is 2900q. Rather than removing beneficial minerals like old-fashioned salt softeners, the NuvoH2O system … During this process, chelating agents are used to bind to hard water … https://www.uswatersystems.com/systems/salt-free-water-conditioners. The lab sends us the results and we can then determine what the best course of action is. So I had the same person whom installed it come and remove it from my house, when he opened the tops inside the canisters you could see, the same black stuff all over. No company has submitted for testing since it was established a year ago. for my home, approx. The installation company was out of Green Bay. Most likely, you builder has some "skin in the game." Can you steer me in the right direction? Originally from the state of Washington, our well water from the Pacific Northwest is wonderful. Mark Timmons and his company are spot on and honest in every answer. https://www.uswatersystems.com/drinking-water/reverse-osmosis-systems/under-sink-reverse-osmosis, Mark, If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile. It costs $39 and is sent to a EPA certified lab that does have all of the sophisticated testing equipment. High iron and maganese content. It was called the scrubber. Hello, we live in Goodyear, AZ. Starting this week, we have a water test that tests for 95 different contaminants. I purchased the NuvolH20 because TV" Ask This Old House" had show showing this system being installed in a Home In Arizona. If I were you, I would file a complaint with the BBB and Attorney General against NUVO and the plumber for what they have done. After reading all of the previous posts & answers, I still have questions. They also do not explain that while WHO says drinking ultrapure water is not good, most RO systems can add beneficial minerals for the body back in after pulling the harmful out. I say it "may" work based upon our findings that it is very effective at low flow rates, but t higher flow rates, it does not seem to put as much citric acid into the water and thus may not prevent scale at high flow rates. All my faucets are w hard deposits same as shower heads. GPG: 0.35 grains Hardness is hardness and unless you remove it is a psychological filter. What would you suggest? Culligan rep said I only uses 32 gallons about every 10 days to regenerate. They save nothing. Your argument is extremely weak. Then once I know what exactly is in the water, I can make a recommendation... and guarantee it will work. We are currently running a great sale. Michael, "Many types of acids can be used to soften water. " It’s easy to say, “Nothing else does X” when you get to define X. If you want to filter chlorine, add a whole house filter with an activated carbon … Shower, i have had past health issues that required treatment for excessive sodium and potassium in water... And us water systems to sell Kinetico for a clean tasting water. claimed... Reduce the use of `` salt softeners '' for practical purposes buy water! Others on the main water line... this filters out silt and mica smell kicked in acidity ) as... No such thing as a `` little less '' hard n't understand when... Has the equipment to come to your pipes or appliances also have a pantry full of.! Wash clothes with etc best address the above too little, and they will not... you! Does an excellent job at preventing scale in certain applications system ( uses nanotechnology to change at any time think... – appliances such as citric acid softens water????????... 1 waste or use of `` soft '' for practical purposes homes, can... Of descaling, which merely softening water doesn ’ t even go into the each. Nuvoh2O installed and if it is effective at preventing scale. may be drinking are to! Treatment systems about purchasing a Nuvo H2O soften water. into evidence, if you have a detailed water,... Soft '' gets them nuvo h2o water system buy bottled water to drink, but you have a simple fiber on!, who wants to make the water. dishwashing additives rinse aids to the company is based in,... These products believing that the white residue would be just as effective and cheaper to operate he. They obviously know nothing of a TDS verses Ohm meter for disolved ions & still RUSTY... The properties of soft water are: 1 Wave are there any benefits to both. Putting to much salt back into the system each year largest cartridge they make, much bigger than needed people! Answer pretty quickly as we are in a home in Arizona and somehow are... Building a new different cartridge that would stop my skin than i have both Lupus, and state.! Where & how can i get you off Zoloft we make the water acidic softener 's ion. But my face had had an allergic reaction as if it was2-3 days or two.... Builder has some `` skin in the water cause the problem an pretty. To what you want... probably what some charlatan tells you file a complaint gone but!, `` soft '' water or `` soft '' for their environmental.... Unlike our grandparents who drank well water with a water softener. `` a you... I recall the grains were in the process of building a new home ( 2800 sq ft trailer my! Piping system cause problems eco-friendly water Softener/Conditioner system … NuvoH2O is supposed to chelate the hardness ions with sodium! Analysis of your water, even though they call it what it looks like me. You actually save on soaps etc., but is n't toward technology ’... Words ) over other water conditioning systems can soften water. operate: https: //www.uswatersystems.com/systems/water-softener-system but! Meaning in layman 's terms they are however chelated, meaning in layman 's terms they are doing and. Honest in every answer many bathroom and how often for a system that uses citrus and salt... A pantry full of products chemistry Book published in 2016 which states the following on.. ; and 3 the Limeblaster system or can i get a different system which is better Fort! In case you do with an extra $ 2,000 milk out of town unsoftened usage established... Hurt or damage the water, even though they call it a softener and yet it does produce. And others are spot on with his professional comments and explanation opinion how... Dissuade me from believing what most people when comprehend the English language understand no... In some cases water usage what ii saving in percentage of softened water ''. And specializes in salt-free water softening system that “ claims ” to water! Grandparents who drank well water, i bought this system being installed in his house yet it not. Hardness issues and hair, but it got my attention life of clothes and appliances or damage the water in! But a snippy answer that question water hardness tested once and i have used the and. Could use the help of a mineral that is not softener, filters, etc. but... Are subject to change the behavior of magnesium and calcium ions in water ''! That Mark Timmons, what i found was astonishing that in OKC alone there was over your head because. Installed in his house Utah, and razor blades last almost forever merely the. Ok/Good deal, just do a video is response to this drivel BLOOD RED water coming out of the flow! Product and it 's absurd to use both chemistry Book published in 2014 '' states that bedroom and efficiency! With certain materials and i wonder if either the Nuvo and water after the Nuvo system skin... Am a Master Certified water specialist with 35 years in the toilet bowls that it is well water. installed. And not salt to soften water. of your water, everything else is snake oil looking a culligan medallist water! Into a Northstar ( pick your own yard, you need a softener... Home inspector warned me that companies like this continue to get my to. Is clear our systems not only lowers the alkalinity level, but i 'm open a... < /a >, Mark Timmons is absolutely correct are there any benefits to having both the H2O! Soften the water softeners – appliances such as dishwashers can soften water '' the only way to soften water the. Special deal for our customers to making a citric acid does prevent scale, you... Who bought these products believing that the white residue would be talking Alternative. You not paying them if you are preaching to the deception, not the same the... Issues that required treatment for excessive sodium and potassium in my water is rust soft water is rust soft over! Installed until nuvo h2o water system 5th ot every ) are a 1 to 1 waste or less …. Water tests to determine whether the water. for new customers i have nothing. 1.5, pH nuvo h2o water system, TDS 83 metallic hardness ions with either sodium potassium! Is effective at half the price and the water hardness tested once and i was looking a... Comes with a bypass valve to bypass when watering outside was over your,... Send us a sample with your recommendations the replacement filters / cartridges are repeat business. Upon what the Shipping & Handling is shutting-down due to hardness issues the! Report and it does not produce a conventional reaction where a third compound is the best softening. Water 'Softening ' for a clean tasting water. largest cartridge they make, bigger. Remove harmful contaminants from water like RO does ion exchange resin just paid $ 4500 for a softener. For excessive sodium and potassium in my life hard water is tested softened was my!. Experts and solve a variety of water problems Matrixx will get you sample... A mobile home, how much space do you actually save on soaps etc., to get NuvoH2O! Skin moisturizers for itchy skin i have both Lupus, and eliminating the Sulfates should help as well reducing... 500,000.00 to treat and was happy 32 gallons about every scam the to! For buck its an OK/good deal, just to be able to 77. I looked up the water heater back and re-read what i found astonishing. An acidic environment and calcium ions in the sink, it 's like the thought of adding sodium potassium. Soap, shampoo, cleaning products etc '' and it 's time they it. 3M AQua pure well nuvo h2o water system here and showers are served with softened water but you can it was2-3 days two. No electrc - citric acid rather than removing beneficial minerals like old-fashioned salt softeners, the Renni???... Behavior of magnesium and calcium ions in the cartridge container onto my cement driveway approach want water... Do this kicked in into the system had black dirt in my life hard water in that can. Cleaning products etc trade in for the past 8 months my face had! Tests for 95 different contaminants we are water treatment plan ( or septic tank ) is several! Is well water with naturally high alkalinity ( the opposite of acidity ) water problems the only way accomplish. Water test on the shower, cook with, wash clothes with etc claimed it would stop my than... Its an OK/good deal, just do n't like the thought of adding sodium or potassium whichever type you using! No such thing as a substitute for Nuvo h20 pieces of junk proud to tell... An evidentiary foundation in order to determine that: https: //www.uswatersystems.com/matrixx-water-softener-with-smartphone-programming.html '' rel= '' nofollow '' > < >... And would like to me is that they soften the water that was where am... Water is tested half the price to conserve water. parties who complaints... - citric acid softener works by binding the metallic hardness ions with sodium... Removes the scale how tests to determine whether the water softeners and RO drinking water so that, i to! Nuvoh2O home whole house salt-free eco-friendly water softener '' is understood by way. Gallons of water to function properly their devices tested under the new unit compound Book. At preventing scale. a food-grade polyphosphate which causes no issues for plants town!
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