Affordable High-Performance Preamp. Ended up buying a Simaudio (Moon)390 which is a Streamer/DAC/Preamp. I bought the PPH/100 because the internal phono-pre in the then-current 12-yr old Sony preamp failed. Clean sound and good imaging Many home theater buyers are fond of the stereo systems that they already own (and paid big bucks for), those that don't already have a stereo might find that they can afford a lot more two channel gear than 7.1 channel gear and since 90-100% of their … I was using the P6 - A23+ for a 2nd system -which I no longer desire to have. If you buy both for 2000 I will throw in the balanced cables to complete the system. The MF X-LP is as good, but more expensive; with the X-PSU it does exceed the P/PH-100 in all categories. A good pair of interconnects is recommended to bring out its full potential. Parasound has the right idea, and their phono preamp is a real blessing for the analogue enthusiast. Requires a decent break-in period. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. "Together, the Parasound P 6 and A 23+ are dynamite. A final note: the P/PH-100 is somewhat susceptible to interference from other units; keep it away from other sources, esp. -- Rega Planar 3 -- Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge That original Haloone-box proved an extensive feature list and a great performance weren’t mutually exclusive, an… They know how to build a pre-amp and this unit is 1/10th of the JC2 price while offering 75%- 80% of the performance. Note my system is hardly the ultimate, just solid mid-level. Parasound Halo, ZoneMaster, Z Custom, and NewClassic are four distinct product families. The company’s products are well regarded throughout the hi-fi and high-end home cinema sectors, receiving many glowing reviews and are much sought after by music and movie lovers across the world. - Roy Ervin Solstad, Stereo+ (Norway), January 2019 Decent soundstage Manufacturers seem to add the phono option in a preamp as an afterthought, and they don't really care about the quality. I auditioned the similar NAD unit and also the Creek and felt that the Parasound was the best fit for my system. As most would expect from Parasound's Halo line, the P 5 preamp is (subjectively) a very attractive piece of equipment with a black or silver brushed aluminum front panel, measuring 17-1/4"W x 13-3/4"D x 4-1/8" H with the feet. PARASOUND HALO PREAMP REVIEWS JC3+ Phono preamp, $2850, GOLDEN EAR AWARD, ABSOLUTE SOUND - The only other phono preamp chosen was $19,000! Analogue Devices OpAmps Lucasfilm has only ever honoured one audio company - Parasound - which has screen credits in Star Wars Episode I, Episode II and Episode III. Actually, their roles changed: I got impression that LP was a CD and vice versa. So far, I'm very impressed. includes URC MX-700 programmed to work with this unit. I actually purchased my A21+ from them. Unbeatable in its price range. This unit may be fairly noisy with a low output MC cartridge in MC mode. Tiny price. Tiny footprint | Great little phono preamp for the price! The Parasound Halo P 5 audio preamplifier will be offered in both black and the traditional Halo silver finish. Dynamics are good, and it imparts a well-defined, 3-D soundstage. Can accommodate either MC or MM cartridges by changing an internal dip switch (very easy to do). the usual effects with good PP caps was realized (smoother sound, faster transients, cleaner, more air, etc).i am also going to replace all the 10uF electrolytics with black gate 10uF only because it's cheap to do so at around $20 for the whole preamp.the power supply could also be upgraded, perhaps, but it seems good enough based on 1A 78/7915's. Not too bright in the treble, but the extreme bass is somewhat lacking. Bass slightly unrefined favorite this post Jan 4 Parasound Amp - Audiophile, stereo or bridgeable $300 (sea > ravenna) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. EUR 401.00. parts can be upgraded, my audio system is as follows: oracle delphi, grado ref platinum, parasound pph-100, audio innovations L1 preamp, dynaco mk3 monoblocks, martin logan SL3, interconnects are of my own design (shielded twisted pair).i find this phono stage to be pretty amazing for the money. after examining the circuitry i determined that caps C3,5,7 and 9 and the similar ones in the other channel are the main bypassing caps. FOR SALE: Parasound HALO JC3+ Black MINT with all original packing: Phono Preamplifiers: USD $2090.00: NJ : Nov 25, 2020: 23 : FOR SALE: Parasound 5250 v.2 5 Channel Power Amplifier - Never powered on: Solid State Amplifiers: USD $1799.00: HI : Nov 22, 2020: 24 : FOR SALE: parasound z series system amp, preamp, cd, tuner and phono: Mini & Complete Systems Only selling because I upgraded to mono blocks with matching preamp. that is good quality, and has a ground terminal (unlike the NAD PP-1). The 390 just blew me away when I heard it. Do not expect audio nirvana for that kind of money, but do expect the PPH/100 to easily outperform any built-in phono-pre on any consumer-grade receiver. I purchased the P6 new less than a year ago, I went tube amp-preamp. Ending Sunday at 12:51PM GMT 1d 4h. | Parasound has the right idea, and their phono preamp is a real blessing for the analogue enthusiast. The sound quality of this unit can be improved for only like fifty bucks with an upgrade from There is a very noticeable increase in sound quality after upgrading but for fifty bucks it can't work miracles. Simply connect your turntable to the MM/MC input of the preamp and the USB cable from the preamp … After about 40-50 hrs. A sound bargain... pun intended. maybe a little more filtering.otherwise, a great little component.-plexus, Good dynamics, impressive soundstage, great midrange and bass, excellent price/performance, best in the price range, Treble can be rough w/o good IC; not as detailed as higher priced units. I agree with all the reviews below. even to have it as a spare.i can tell you that there is a good opportunity to replace some parts in it to make it even better. Local Sale Only* Hi - I´m selling my Parasound JC2 BP preamp as I´m having to consolidate to an integrated amp. Midrange lacks the depth and complexity of more expensive phonostages. Compact size, Slight background hum with my setup As the saying goes, "try it, you'll like it!". Parasound products are used in many of the worlds foremost movie and recording studios and out-perform much more expensive rivals. Although price isn’t indicative of which would be better, a 3b3 for only $400 more than the A21+ sounds like a better deal. I have used this along with their JC5 amp and it has been an amazing system. Parasound Halo P 5 Preamplifier Review Highlights. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | Parasound P6 for sale. $250 + actual fedex ground shipping which will be $20-$35 depending on how close to NJ you are. This may be better with quality interconnects. Halo has earned honors and awards that are unmatched. In the olden days, when mammoths roamed the wild planes and Duran Duran were at number one, its job was clear. I ended up selling one of my Parasound A21s and my Parasound P6. It sounds better than most cheap phono preamps built into receivers and matches my Nakamichi AV-8's AUX input well. Side Refine Panel. Detachable power cord Parasound promotes itself as having a high value-to-price ratio, and one need look no further than the Parasound Halo line of preamplifiers and power amplifiers, which are consistently named to audiophiles' "best bargain" lists. Definitely one of the most significant moves that I’ve made to improve the sound quality in my system. FOR SALE: Parasound JC3+ Phono Preamp - Black Mint Condition: Phono Preamplifiers: $2800.00: ON Dec 24, 2020: 3 : DEALER AD: Hegel HD30 Hegel Dac/ Preamp: Solid State Preamplifiers: $4500.00: BC Dec 20, 2020: 4 : FOR SALE: Bryston BP26DA Preamp with DAC and MPS2 Power Supply: Solid State Preamplifiers: $2800.00: NB Nov 05, 2020 Many of us enjoy lp's and want a good (at least) phono stage! Full stop. Lucasfilm has only ever honoured one audio company - Parasound - which has screen credits in Star Wars Episode I, Episode II and Episode III. In today's preamplifier world, you've got to be all things to all men - and Parasound's P5 attempts precisely this, says David PriceA preamplifier’s life is not a happy one. I didn''t expect much for $120, just needed a band-aid. Excellent build quality for the price To get such good sound for the price of this duo seems almost unnatural. Very good tonal balance What struck me most in the story of my relations with PPH100: my wife, normally ignoring all my sound research, heard just a minute from Bach interpreted by Parasound and (her first word about hi-fi!) My records sound very detailed and have great punch.Since I don't have a $5000 turntable or cartridge, I can't comment on how good it is compared more expensive pre-amps with a better turntable, but in this price range, I give it... (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Soundstage widened as the break-in progressed. We are the official UK distributors for all products shown on this website. not much can be said about this phono stage when compared to the very best out there but for the price its a respectable performer and is generally better than something you'll find in your reciever or someting like that. Parasound products are used in many of the worlds foremost movie and recording studios and out-perform much more expensive rivals. It will be available in September with a suggested retail price of $950. It’s made an incredible difference to my system. A longstanding collaboration with the respected circuit designer John Curl has produced some legendary products such as the JC2BP preamplifier and JC1 mono power amplifier, both of which find favour with high-end hi-fi enthusiasts and professional recording studios. Hey guys -- how ''bout expanding the analog section a little with separate listings for phono-pre''s, tonarms, cartridges? 2250 McKinnon Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124 suffice to say that for $400US or less you are doing yourself a favour to buy this. 125WATTx2 CLASS A/AB! 3 months old. That's why movie studios, artists and Oscar®-winning sound engineers, including Lucasfilm™; Pixar™; Sony Pictures™; Universal Pictures™; Warner Brothers™; Oliver Stone; Kanye West and Gary Rydstrom rely on Parasound. Especially impressive is the PPH's solid imaging and lack of grain and hardness. Output level seems low compared to all other components in my system (but I guess that''s why the volume knob is there, huh). SOLD For sale is my Parasound preamplifier with USB connection making possible connection to your computer. Halo is our premier line with a reputation for going head-to-head with the most expensive equipment on the market, while costing a fraction of the price. Find Parasound Amp in Electronics For Sale. They are Straight Wire Encore II balanced cables. I finally upgraded to a Lehman, and it is better, but I am not sure it is 5 times better (accounting for the cost). Related: audioquest rotel parasound amplifier emotiva adcom preamplifier amplifier parasound halo integrated amplifier parasound preamplifier parasound preamp parasound … ** You just cannot get any better for the price. Much better than most phono stages built into preamps today. Performance for the value. Parasound has updated the Halo P3 after more than a decade with the new Halo P5 preamplifier. C3 is a 22uF electrolytic that was replaced with a solen fast cap PP. Parasound is a high-end manufacturer of amplifiers and preamps founded in 1981 by Richard Schram and based in California. "Built by Parasound but designed with the inspiration & insight of the legendary John Curl, JC3 is destined to embarass much pricier phono stages for the forseeable future. This is a simple, straightforward, no frills unit. Parasound Halo JC 2 BP Preamp - Complete and Almost New (B) $3,499 4% May 5, 2020 Hi-Fi Parasound Halo P6,Halo A21+,A23+,HINT6 Hi-Fi RUB 130,000 Dec 13, 2020 It's a substantial improvement over most of the inboard phono stages you will find at this level, including those built into Parasound's own preamps. Gold plated input jacks Parasound Halo A21+ Stereo Power Amplifier. So I did, Electronica-017, Thorens MM001, SPb Sound. I have this preamp mated to a Zamp v3, a Zdac and JBL Studio 230 speakers. Parasound Halo JC2BP Preamplifier w/Home Theater Bypass - John Curl - Audiophile Various preamps with phono stage, Lehman Black Cube. I have a Rega P3 with RB-300 and Sumiko Blue Point Special, and my preamp is McCormack TLC-1. I do experience a slight background hum at higher volume levels which probably raises the noise floor to an extent. 2 bids. EUR 49.90 postage. The Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre two-channel preamplifier represents a new generation of affordable, high performance audio products from Parasound. Original everything with receipt. This unit exceeded expectations, and left a favorable impression of my first Parasound purchase. NAD PP-1, Musical Fidelity X-LP, Rotel RQ-970, Creek OBH-8. It appears to be a good match for my modest but musical analog front end (NAD 533 TT & Shure V15VxMR). System (analog portion): Parasound Halo P 5 Audio Preamplifier Product Features. I picked up this little phonostage on Audiogon a short while back to use with my new Cayin TA-30 integrated. i am looking forward to trying it with a MC because i think it has the resolving power to handle this class of cartridge.i won't comment on the subject qualities of the preamp because they are largely system and room dependent. Parasound for sale Parasound HCA-1205A 5-Channel Amplifier - THX Certified 140w @ 8ohms: 450 £ | Parasound halo Hint6 : 2200 £ | Parasound Halo Hint 6 2.1 Cha| the mid-range became more liquid and the bass was substantial. Parasound makes the award winning JC2 $4000 pre-amp. Parasound Home Audio Amplifiers & Pre-Amps; Skip to page navigation. I don't say anything about features of different performers' play: the amp reproduced just notes, simplisticly and primitivly. i would have to spend at least $400US to get anything better, i think. well built and designed, no wall wart, great value for the money (nothing in its class), for the money, none. The new Zphono XRM phono preamp is a co-design that involved Parasound’s owner and founder, Richard Schram, and two other engineers he’s worked with for some years. $300. I just posted a matching A23+ amplifier that I was using together for a 2nd system. Parasound Halo HINT 6 integrated amplifier, Parasound Halo P7 Multi-Channel Pre-amplifier, Parasound NewClassic 275 v.2 power amplifier, Parasound NewClassic 2125 power amplifier, Parasound NewClassic 2250 power amplifier. I purchased née from authorized dealer. Comes with gold-plated RCA's, detachable 18AWG AC cord (no little wall wart here!) Gain is adjusted by an internal jumper. This device makes it simple. the bass is "wooly" and sort of undefined, the treble on some records can be sharp and digital sounding which doesnt say much for analogue gear but again, for the money its a good performer and those problems can be generally fixed with an inexpensive upgrade. They currently have the 3b3 on sale for $5215.50 while the A21+ is $2995. Manufacturers seem to add the phono option in a preamp as an afterthought, and they don't really care about the quality. © Parasound Products, Inc. All right reserved. But thanks to better technology and improved design, things are changing. However, I have trouble faulting this little gem when I only paid $75 for it in brand new condition. Internal power transformer New listings: Parasound Amp - $500 (Rhinebeck), Parasound amp - $200 (Thiensville) Parasound Halo JC2BP Preamplifier w/Home Theater Bypass - John Curl - Audiophile Finally, someone has noted the virtues of the Parasound PPH-100. I did not experience any RFI noise problems, which I have with other equipment in my system. All Rights Reserved. total cost was around $20US. Parasound describes the Halo P 5 as a "2.1-channel stereo preamplifier," hinting at its suitabilities for use in both a stereo music system and a home theater. Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier | 2-Channel | 140 Watts per Channel | Both Single-Ended … One incredibly appealing preamp-amplifier package from Parasound." | The sound quality is very clean, neutral and detailed for an entry-level phono preamp. Thinking about digitizing your LP record collection? **AUDIOPHILE PARASOUND HALO A23 AMP IN GORGEOUS BLACK! The problem is the gap between home theater systems and hi-end stereo systems. portland > for sale... « » press to search craigslist ... Parasound Halo P 5 2.1-channel D/A preamp (new) $1,400 (sea > Seattle) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Much better than most phono stages built into preamps today. Mint!! Have the A21+ up for sale too. MM or MC compatible. I will part with them as separates: A21 for $1,500 $600 for the P5 Preamp. The Parasound Halo P 7 Preamp is a problem solver. Detachable power cord. Founded in 1981, Parasound Products Inc. is a privately owned company based in San Francisco, USA, that specialises in making award winning high quality audio and home theatre components for critical listeners. Very good dynamic range, clarity Founded in 1981, Parasound Products Inc. is a privately owned company based in San Francisco, USA, that specialises in making award winning high quality audio and home theatre components for critical listeners. I also have the Parasound P5 Preamp which matches this very well. This little gem beats any onboard preamp phono stage that I have heard. -- RB300 tonearm Where else can you get a hi end sounding pre-amp, this small for $400? Includes power cable. Far better than the NAD PP-1 (had one and sold it); also beats the Creek and Rotel.
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