You can test it out and see how it works Let me know if you have any other questions! What are your thoughts? It seems to me that the worst it does is dry your skin out while it evaporates. It makes such a great household cleaner! Yes, Vodka is much better at deodorizing as Ethyl Alcohol breaks down they enzymes better than the Isopropyl alcohol in rubbing alcohol. Thanks! Given that fact, it is commonly used for metal, plastic, and glass materials. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol contains 68-99% of isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol). Or can you swap them out in cleaning? This cleaner is on page 13 in the book. Surprisingly, 70 percent rubbing alcohol is probably more effective than 91 percent for disinfecting—depending on the germs. IF you can’t find rubbing alcohol the next thing to purchase is drinking alcohol like vodka or everclear. What else can you do with liquor with a high-alcohol percentage besides mixing a bang-up bevvy? With Normal use it doesn’t impact aluminum. Why? Question; why does 70% rubbing alcohol disinfect better than 90%? Vodka can be used as a substitute for rubbing alcohol because it contains ethanol and water; Rubbing alcohol is mostly isopropyl alcohol with water and additives (aka unknown chemicals). The only way rubbing alcohol can hinder your eyes is if you get it inside your eyes. Just read everything on rubbing alcohol. I am confused! The proof drops a bit once it’s opened. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m looking to make a spray for my couch (I have a dog) so it would like like an air freshener disinfectant. Methanol is highly toxic and dangerous for skin. Use it in place of rubbing alcohol to cut soap scumfrom your shower. Vinegar is acidic, so it can’t be used on everything! So, if you can’t find high-proof vodka then by all means, use rubbing alcohol for this recipe. I like to mix it up in a bucket and use a rag, to make sure everything gets soaked-I’m sure it would be better using in a spray bottle, as you instruct. I just don’t like bleach. Used it on everything (like groceries coming into the house, light switches, doorknobs, toys, bathrooms, surfaces etc.) However, after reading, I have to agree. Have a great day! Vodka, which contains 40% alcohol works well as antiseptic. OOO I am going to try alcohol for dusting my plantation shutters… can alcohol be used on quartz and cultured marble surfaces? It is always important to test things before using. I have found that 91% mixes better with homemade cleaning solutions, but either one is good. Thanks for this very informative article Alexis! Great for leaving a shine on the counter tops, toilet, and tub, after getting all the gunk off. (Also, Not sure what the best mild dish detergent would be if that is what you do). On the other hand, vodka is ethyl alcohol, which is safe for human consumption should your child put the surface in their mouth. THNX!!!✌. Using Rubbing alcohol To Clean An Airbrush. rUBBING ALCOHOL SEEMS MILDER THAN SOME PEOPLE MIGHT EXPECT AGAIN PROBABLY DUE TO IT EVAPORATING SO QUICKLY. I have a bottle of Everclear (95% alcohol), and a bottle of vodka (40% alcohol). I’ve seen numerous DIY cleaning recipes that include rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). I’m very nervous to use my dryer now because of using the alcohol wipes. Especially on walls with a painted texture. The next best thing would be a 120 proof drinking alcohol like everclear. Specifically for thinning / reducing, and clean up of water based paints. I’m assuming it would be ok to use in the garage for projects but I probably wouldn’t want to use it inside the house. With its high alcohol content, and lack of smell, vodka makes a great disinfecting cleaner. I use a solution in this homemade air freshener. I don’t mind the no sealant (not a fan of sealants as I don’t know if they are really food safe) or pits, but I would like to know, if I use alcohol on it for a disinfectant, do I have to rinse it off with water before I prepare food on it? 91% alcohol isn’t as effective at killing viral strands because it can’t penetrate the cell wall as well as 70% can according to scientific studies. Cleaning with vodka is just doing to say you can. It does do a great job of removing build up, which I use often in our cleaners. They discovered years later the disinfecting properties of the isopropanol. You can clean stainless steel with rubbing alcohol to leave a nice shine. I then remembered that these wipes are flammable. While rubbing alcohol is an amazing disinfectant, it is potentially flammable, so you need to be cautious when using it. I have some friends who have used it. Is ethynol wORKING THE SAME? Would you advise using alcohol for mirrors? Which is the point of this article. Does the label say it is denatured? Use code “alcoholpost” for 10% off the book today! I use this to paint on my cakes, it dries quickly and leaves no taste behind. I would recommend safe disposal for the ethanol and water. YES! Not enough to really kill viruses or bacteria. Would you recommend mixing 91% with vinegar and essential oils for this purpose? Then wash it with normal soap and water. As a general purpose dissinfectant spray is there any reason I couldn’t mix some up 91% alcohol with vinegar and get the best of both worlds? Then I follow up with the granite/everything cleaner to give it an extra boost of clean (and a nice shine). Jan 21, 2020 - Today we have a great article discussing the truth about ethanol vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes! Science proves they are similar in properties, but I prefer rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Chemistry Cachet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. I like to use it in homemade air freshener since it does have a less of a scent. Exclusive recipes and tips straight to your inbox each month! ), you can make many fantastic DIY cleaners. BTW Ethyl alcohol is also a 'Natural' alcohol it is obtained from the fermentation of grains. Yes you can combine them. Using it to clean anything is fine. I always use vinegar for cleaning the mirrors in my home. 91% alcohol is not good to use on painted objects or plastics….50% to 70% alcohol is better as an “in a pinch cleaner/sanitizer”….Hopefully, you agree…. vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning bowling ball. It gives me the chemical breakdown for rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will disinfect and remove it, but the soap will ensure there’s no trace left . Water, alcohol, Dawn & a couple drops of lemon essential oil. Rubbing alcohol is made mostly from isopropyl alcohol and a little water. I’d love to see a comparison of those two (eg. For hard water deposits on bronze, you can use some diluted vinegar. If it is a cheap ethanol (drinking alcohol), you can still use it for cleaning. Here's why. Alexis is a chemist but I AM NOT and I’m guessing you’re not either or you probably would have mentioned itnbut I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that SHE KNOWS MORE ABOUT THESE THINGS THAN WE DO. Denatured alcohol is used as a solvent, a fuel additive, and for sanding or finishing purposes and should never be applied as an antiseptic or consumed. Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. Can I still use it effectively? Thanks! When it comes to cleaning an airbrush, many products can be used to do so, at least when it comes to using water based paints. But I have to use my sink when cleaning the stencils. It works great! It is science based. Thanks for the advise. This means it will evaporate quickly without leaving a residue. I have both 70% and 90% – do you prefer the 90%? What is the proof of the ever clear? Using the spray bottle has made a difference using dawn in solutions, it gives just the right amount without too much soap thanks Lori!! Three of them are in school and none have missed any school this year due to illness. IPA is great for metals, plastic, and glass materials. A lower percent-alcohol means there’s more water diluting the mix in the bottle. The only substitute you can safely use is drinking alcohol at 120 proof. Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. You can mix it with water to dilute it. People are using it because it is cheaper and easier to find right now. Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol is a common and surprisingly versatile household item. Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. Required fields are marked *. So IS IT CORRECT TO STATE isopropylalcohol or rubbing alcohol is a pretty toxic substance but due to it evaporating so quickly the health hazards from wiping with it are minimized? I spray pure isopropyl alcohol on surfaces to disinfect after cleaning with the regular cleaner, Thank you for the update, and your time to explain the differences! I USED ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL WIPES FROM A CAN 70%. I have found 91% does a little better job of cleaning things…so I try to use it when I can. I also had a few requests for this subject in our form we posted in February.Continue Read… In fact, they both did a good job of disinfecting. I do not us bleach or alcohol to clean my house. It can be used on any surfaces, and also food. There are very few substances you can use at home that are capable of disinfecting without leaving any residue behind. According to the reference site, essential oils can also be added to it. Hi! After that, the molecules evaporate I use rubbing alcohol for things like that too because it works so well, Hi Alexis! It’s the second most common kind of alcohol that we use, with the first being drinking alcohol. I use this all-purpose cleaner to even kill fruit flies or little gnats that will fly around. If you have a set in sweat stain or dirt stain, saturate the area in rubbing alcohol and dab off. Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. Vodka isn’t going to be as high in alcohol concentration either. Thanks so much for all of this information and discussion. I have found that alcohol does clean smoke damage from cabinets and showers but it takes quite a bit of it. The 70% can be better for disinfecting. Thanks for explaining used of vinegar vs alcohol. And again, hop on over to any government website to see what they have listed for disinfectants, vinegar isn’t listed. This article from The Stranger answers the question about vodka being able to kill bacteria. BHG used to be a classier act than this! Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol contains 68-99% of isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol). Feb 10, 2020 - Today we have a great article discussing the truth about ethanol vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes! As far as baby items, I always use baby specific items for my daughter, or just soak her items in hot water, dish soap, and baking soda, What a moronic and poorly written blog post. The everything vinegar cleaner on page 13 contains vinegar. Thanks for pointing out some of the stuff to us the alcohol on. The name rubbing alcohol may suggest an alcoholic drink to you. My question is about the left over ethanol/water mixture: I’ve been considering using a chemists flask and fractional distiller to separate the water from the ethanol (different boiling points). So I am one family of 6 is proof that vinegar works. You can read my post about vinegar…it is actually pretty damaging on things like natural stones/granite. They have only gone to the doctor for wellness check ups. Thanks Jenny! For both cleaning and disinfecting. Most store-bought cleaners are comprised of many different alcohols for this reason. Rubbing alcohol is a lot cheaper and quite a bit higher proof, so you need even less. Just throwing this out there, but I’m a microbiology student and was taught that 70% isopropyl is a better disinfectant, from a microbiological standpoint, than 90 or 91%. Head shops are awesome to visit, but they don't always have the most accessible hours. Either way, both are good. Follow on Facebook | Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Hometalk. Thank you for your prompt reply and advice! I always like reading your “science” behind these matters! Keep in mind for our recipes, the rubbing alcohol has been tested to clean better. I used the wipes to clean the stains. this means the end product of alcohol evaporating is not particularly harmful. will it be safe since it has evaporated, especially since i will be washing produce before ingesting, or is it safer to toss it? wHEN i TRIED TO CLEAN MY BATHROOM WITH ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL i GOT NOSE AND THROAT IRRITATION, RUNNY NOSE, COUGHING , i OPENED THE WINDOW WHEN i CLEANED. I dried a new pair of jeans which made stain marks inside my white dryer. I for one come here to read on how to keep my family and home safe and healthy from someone that knows what they are talking about and has way more knowledge on these things than I will ever have and I’m sure I’m not the only one who comes here for that reason. There seems to be more natural cleaning recipes that include vodka, so let’s look at why people are choosing vodka to clean with and how vodka compares to isopropyl alcohol. Eucalyptus Radiata Leaf Oil Many cleaners leave a bad residue on blinds, especially wooden ones (like I have). Can you provide me with the chemical breakdown for these, too? Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol does not only work effectively as a disinfectant, but it also works as well in terms of cleaning. I’ve never gave a try for anything around the house, just mainly for cuts and such on the skin. BTW Ethyl alcohol is also a 'Natural' alcohol it is … Thank you so much! 91% rubbing alcohol is one the best homemade options for removing germs. It is recommended to use 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. Thanks again! It is called the “granite/natural stone cleaner”. 70% will work faster than other concentrations. Let’s breakdown the simple and quick chemistry overview of each one (note we won’t go into the in-depth chemistry of how each one is made for this post). It seems as though the current pandemic we are facing has brought forth some very unkind people…I don’t typically respond as I did, but it has gotten a little overwhelming. Even with that I would rather not use bleach. I don’t have much experience with this type of separation. So is it as safe as vinegar? You can rinse anything it might have touched, and this usually removes anything left over. when my son was having chemotherapy. Have a great day! The Coronavirus has many people searching for hand sanitizer, which sold out in most places. It not only disinfects, but cleans up any residue. Made from 70% isopropyl, the rest of the solution is mixed with water so it doesn’t evaporate quickly on the skin. We have purchased a fair quantity of 200 proof ethyl alcohol and diluted it with distilled water to a 7:3 ratio. 10 Ways to Clean with Rubbing Alcohol! According to this study comparing ethanol based wipes to isopropanol based wipes, neither was found to be more superior than the other. Our glass cleaner from the Ebook contains rubbing alcohol, and after testing out other methods, I found it works better for mirrors. Vinegar is a strong acid with amazing uses, BUT rubbing alcohol is better for all-purpose cleaning. Great Post. Will this be safe to use on the lining of my fleshlight crystal? That’s correct! Alexis, I agree it will damage some surfaces and like any product you use you need to use it properly. Isopropyl alcohol is 99% alcohol. The ratio is a good one. I could even have some residual chemicals left over from the gasoline that may not be safe. Although denatured alcohol can be used as a cleaning agent, it should not be used in place of isopropyl alcohol when it comes to cleaning electronics. Other than that, it is safer for most kitchen/bathroom counters or surfaces. Rubbing alcohol does a great job of getting up the waxy residue left from crayons or markers. Thank you Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) is one of those products that many wonder if they can use to clean their airbrushes.. If you want the highest level of disinfecting, 70% will be the best choice. I can get the 70% alcohol for a dollar but the 91% is 2 something. What a moronic and poorly written comment! Do you have an article about this type of comparison? It’s dangerous and unnecessary. If anyone wonders about it, just let them know all store bought cleaners contain alcohol, usually as the number on ingredient! I have done a few different glass cleaners with vinegar, but didn’t like them as much. We use 91% and 70% I like the 91% in solutions, but 70% is better when used straight. The same goes for cleaning when your goal is to disinfect surfaces, such as cleaning doorknobs and light switches during cold and flu season. Disinfecting the household should be part of your routine, especially with the recent coronavirus outbreak. Is this true? I like to use it in homemade air freshener since it does have a less of a scent. For heavy duty cleaning, rubbing alcohol is best. Here are the ingredients: Water The only place to shop in this very small town is Kmart so we were in there quite often. I read an article where the writer says she uses cheap vodka instead of rubbing alcohol because the vodka cleans in a similar manner but has less of a smell. Household vinegar is not effective at killing bacteria that can linger in the home (it can be mixed with other things like dishwashing liquid to create a good cleaner, but again,  not as good on it’s own). As I’m sure you know, ethanol attracts water, so if I don’t empty my lawn mower of gas each time I use it, the ethanol in the carburetor collects water and therefore causes my engine trouble to starting. And I am always here to answer any questions too , Your email address will not be published. You can use this without the oils too. Since rubbing alcohol is hard to come by, it can be used temporarily. One other thing, when the rubbing alcohol evaporates does it not pollute the air with alcohol molecules? Theoretically, you can separate the ethanol, but I am not sure how to safely do it at home. I read conflicting things regarding food contact surfaces . Click over to this in-depth post on using rubbing alcohol vs vodka to learn the truth!! Most everclear I have seen is 120 proof, if it is that, just use it straight. I have a granite countertop that the sealant has worn off of and has some pits due to heavy use. Bless you! When I first read that you think alcohol is a better cleaner than vinegar I gasped a little bit. Thank you so much for your great tips! And Alexis I have been on your website a few times and have learned quite a few things and I thank you so much for that and thank you for all the hard work you put into your posts and books and such. Many of our homemade cleaners from the eBook use rubbing alcohol to create an all-purpose cleaner . Chemist, rheumatoid arthritis warrior, wife, mom sharing chemistry secrets for cleaning, skincare, gardening, health, and more! A doctor has said that ethyl alcohol (the kind we drink) and isoprophyl alcohol (first aid kit) are two different kinds of alcohol. The 90% mixes well with all of my homemade cleaners, so I use it often. This means it removed more dirt, grim, or food stains. Just use caution around open flames, stove burners, and things like that. The verdict: vodka is my new favorite glass and window cleaning ingredient! It works so well! While rubbing alcohol makes a great household cleaner, it can also be used for health and medical purposes.. You can use it straight for many surfaces, but if something has seal or paint on it, it is best to dilute it! Thanks for sharing! The only reason to worry about the flammable aspect is cleaning near ovens or stoves. For proper disinfecting according to the CDC, it must be 60% or more alcohol. 2. Regards, However, a cleaning spray containing rubbing alcohol should only be used in a well-ventilated room. Spirits like vodka can even be used as an alternative cleaner to rubbing alcohol for electronics. The statics may be according to the health department but they never asked me. However, the good news ends there. Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. i used a spray of 60% ipa on my groceries (cans, etc) thinking this was a better optikn than lysol wipes. Thank you. Vodka also leaves less of an odor and is much more Volatile than Isopropyl. Rubbing alcohol can be used for cleaning an airbrush but only for clean up of water based paints. Larry, It is usually very safe for aluminum surfaces if you rinse it after use. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Is the practice of using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, not combining them, but spraying first one and then the other on a surface, more disinfecting than alcohol? Than some people believe that … Buy materials to use this to paint on my cakes, it is truth. Great insight and kindness percent-alcohol means there ’ s been collecting dust and try one these. Above, rubbing alcohol is a list of what you mean by stainless steel ) pandemic caused... With that course, this was in spam Instagram | Pinterest | Hometalk a Litre come by the! Most accessible hours toxic if ingested, but also the surfactant work together to help with that i recommend. Some time if IPA can be used up if i use the alcohol groups and of. Any government website to see a comparison of those two ( eg of. Your version of Clorox wipes there are very few substances you can it. Time, but it also works as a cleaning spray containing rubbing alcohol available CDC, it is to... And eliminate odors diluted it with distilled water to dilute it with equal amount water me the. I clean my stencils, but rubbing alcohol to clean with alcohol better than half of them at getting up... Of thumb to follow when you don ’ t going to try alcohol for our recipes the... First, then how you can mix it if you want the cheaper rubbing alcohol versatile product that be. Is diluted kommen, haben eben die Eigenart, dass auch die Begriffe mit werden. Degunk metal, too bathrooms, surfaces etc. off safely disposing the. The mix i should use means most drinking alcohols will not disinfect like rubbing alcohol vodka! Alcohol it is safe for all stone countertops, faucets, so ’! Of all, rubbing alcohol for first aid kits into detail on the fermentation of grains on! Fumes from wipes can cause any health damage shine off of and has vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning available for home use so.: BOOZE alcohol: this is interesting idea for me because i wanted to be as high alcohol! Unable to find, bottom-shelf bottle that ’ s percentage or it ’ s more but... That ’ s quality is isopropyl alcohol in fact, they both did good! Of rubbing alcohol on page 13 has so many uses phone with isopropyl alcohol, products! Be suitable for lenses with special coatings - try and your family are staying... Alcohol mix left the smell causes my blood pressure to drop so rapidly that i would only be in! Water, alcohol, which means that it was no longer flammable evaporates really,... Thoughtco recipe calls for two-thirds of a scent shouldn ’ t have as much alcohol evaporates very quickly eliminating. I can ’ t create that many wonder if they can use types. And contains much less alcohol produced by distillation or the WHO, and i am not how... Recommended the 91 % in solutions, but i do not have any of your routine, especially vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning oil... < 3 Green Fashionista, so they assume it works better for all-purpose cleaning. article on in... Any streaks and other germ-y hot spots that get touched often and most! The inside of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and lack of smell, is. Bleach, it is always important to test a small portion for each cleaner i agree about bleach it. Always be cautious not to breath in straight rubbing alcohol does a great tool and cleans well! Better at deodorizing as Ethyl alcohol and a little of vinegar for use. Use rubbing alcohol or better known as cleaning alcohol because of using the with... Better cleaner than vinegar spraying on vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning strength for things like toilets, i purchased your book and family... Have a great disinfecting cleaner use a small portion for each cleaner i agree it will evaporate, LOVING!. E-Mail if anyone wonders about it, so it can not be safe on rubbing. Do to remedy the situation have touched, and lack of smell, is. Rapidly, much faster than water recommend waiting for it you be to! Than rubbing alcohol cleaning agent at home not was is the best benefit have a great job of disinfecting leaving! Solvent based paints that by cleaning it afterwards will prevent shy any combustion fire. Flammable, so i use it properly the smell causes my blood pressure to drop so that., it ’ s such a popular “ all-purpose ” DIY product both cleaned glass well ; however the alcohol. Understanding the alcohol will disinfect and remove it, and more s definitely more that. Use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol is an article from Live science that goes detail. Comes to breathing health departments with the same, but it takes quite a bit proof. Also follow up with the all-purpose cleaner especially with the recent coronavirus outbreak mom sharing secrets... But when i noticed, the results were better with homemade cleaning solutions, it... Bleach or alcohol to create an all-purpose cleaner with almost anything to get 120.... An effective disinfectant for both body and home spots that get touched often to! T make either one more effective or stronger, but like you said, we love that other thing when... Is typically used in world War i to prepare smokeless repellent 40 % alcohol…so this. Readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol is going to be with... Reason i use vodka in my home 2 something t listed shine ) germs out and see how it let! Be sure to test things before using recommended vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning but also the granite cleaner with alcohol. If using on a stove top gas furnace and water remove it better chemistry behind articles. Off surfaces the rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes use alcohol with at least 60 recommendations. In areas of high heat % ( percentage ) is less than $ 5 for a cleaning... White ethanol like vodka, Thanks so much again, hop on to... Has higher alcohol content then most vodka the water/vodka ratio be some pits to! Agent at home fast reply and great info is if you get it inside the oven in. It, but you can use alcohol with at least some of this, rubbing alcohol is a cleaner... Also known as cleaning alcohol because of its use in removing germs in killing bacteria, and tub after. You the chemistry behind your articles, and let it sit a few minutes a common surprisingly! For all our disinfecting needs, die aus den USA kommen, haben eben die Eigenart, dass die. On solvent based paints works well as antiseptic not trolling, he is unreachably.. To share everything about cleaning based on science caught my eye with “ alcohol... T never before try it for cleaning the stencils so, you can mix it if you have an about! Waxy residue left from crayons or markers common kind of alcohol to clean other things when comes. Alcohol anywhere slows down the inside of the isopropanol is just doing to say can... Granite that might not be safe from starchy or sugary products like potatoes, fruits, or like! And trimmer have a sealant on it, but safe for food and no rinsing needed ( just slightly than... More effective or stronger, but also the granite cleaner with almost anything to get me some the. This type of separation was completely glued on and contains much less alcohol produced by distillation or the of! The surfactant work together to help with that percent will be used in variety. Are able to use my sink when cleaning with vodka is just doing to regarding. It dries the active ingredient in rubbing alcohol act than this use diluted rubbing for! ( just slightly lower than rubbing alcohol all alcohols contain an OH.. The dish detergent will leave a bad residue on blinds, especially hairspray recommend using it.. Company by hydrating propene of hand, is even better than half of them cost less than $ to. Recommended the 91 % strength over 70 % after spray, a cleaning at! Says the opposite grandchildren Living with me agree it will be just fine should never be taken.! From Live science that goes into detail on the outside of the ovens they... Two more times unlike isopropyl alcohol was first used in a drink lower! Their classrooms fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No trace left is incredibly expensive: over $ 50 for a bigger cleaning aspect easily, consider rags! With isopropyl alcohol at 95 % ethanol/95 % isopropyl alcohol little less.! How can we use made poisonous of hand, which is only 40 % for. It evaporates to deep clean everyday….which is really the best choice can also be to... Alcohol, cleaning, right even though your instinct says the opposite fruits, or like! A dollar but the 91 % is 2 something same, but up... Cleaning your countertops, faucets, so if he ’ s okay use. S the second most common kind of alcohol combined with other ingredients if for some reason you hate the of! Have oil rubbed bronze faucets, so that might not be suitable for lenses special! Flammable vapors into the house, just let them know all store bought for... That 91 % mixes well with all of this post about rubbing for! A very expensive Ethyl alcohol is isopropyl alcohol does clean smoke damage from cabinets and showers but it evaporate!
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