It was great to read some of the possible characteristics that this combination may exhibit. A Border Collie Chocolate Lab Mix is a mix of chocolate lab and a border collie that was originally bred in the United States. My dog would hardly ever be left alone, however the people she may be left with are not active as they are older in age. But most of all I’m an RN who is not currently working due to several underlying conditions and I’ve had to stay home all the time. I’ve put together a list of interesting facts about the Husky Lab Mix, to help you understand if you’re the right owner for such a dog. The Husky Lab Mix or Siberian Retriever is a very intelligent, lively, energetic and happy dog who will crave attention and want to participate in everything the family is doing. My first Shepherd grew up as I did and wanted to be where I was at all times. And as you can see, this simply isn’t a suitable pet dog choice for a sedentary owner. The origins of the Husky Labrador Mix. When you purchase your puppy from a breeder, that breeder should be able to provide you with registration papers verifying the purebred parentage of your puppy. She initially growled at my beagle/corgi Mix when they met but after a couple of firm no’s they have been fine together. We go to the dog park every day and as we live in Winnipeg Canada, we walk even in 30 degrees below zero weather. He is 5 now and can sit and stay while Im slowly walking away and will shake when he wants to. Male Dog Names – The Top 50 Names For 2019. I now sit on a park bench in the dog park, but she sits by me and won’t play unless I walk with her. If you are constantly away from home, this may not be the ideal mix for you. To summarize, let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of getting a Husky Lab mix. She’s a great new addition. In order to best understand the history of the Labrador Husky, an explanation of the people that these dogs live alongside and serve is necessary. As you might guess, that job typically involves the second word in their breed name – retrieving! Does the Husky Lab mix make a good family pet? Most Huskadors have a triangular shaped head with ears that can be droopy or erect. Puppies vet check, dewormed and vaccinations. However, the parent breeds of a Huskador both share certain traits. All pups need consistent training in order to become well-behaved adults. He does shed like crazy, let’s you know vocally when he wants something, and has a huge husky personality. Some important training goals include potty training and crate training. It is a cross between the Alaskan Malamute and the Labrador Retriever.The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Ask for a health history of the parents and past litters as well as any information about genetic testing for congenital health issues. Alternatively, you could end up with a naturally exuberant Lab-leaning pup that reminds you of the canine star of Marley and Me. So, when you have to leave your dog home alone, make sure she stays busy until you’re back. 2 brown, 2 white. 1 decade ago. Scooby was definitely a uphill battle at one year old never being trained and being in shelters for his whole life until I adopted him. This makes them great family dogs and nice play companions for kids of all ages, but it also means they don’t like being left by themselves. Our cocker lab Finnigin (yes spelled that way) refuses to go in the water. But being a smart and posibly stubborn breed, be prepared for a very stressful and rewarding relationship with your new best friend. The Dorset people originally inhabited this region, but due in part to their lack of canine … He is the sweetest, most easy going, smart, and fun dog I’ve ever known. Having the dogs in the same place can result in the owner having to deal with the constant barking. Ah, yes. She looks more lab than husky, but has a husky like face and paws. Wherever possible, seek out a breeder that breeds for working dog traits, as this focus has the potential to produce the healthiest pups overall. Popularity: Labs are first and Siberian Huskies are fifteen on the list of the most popular dog breeds! My dogs ears were too when I got her from the shelter about 3 weeks ago at 2 months. A Guide to the 11 Best Japanese Dog Breeds, Get to Know the White Boxer and What Makes It Special, The Poodle: A One-Stop Guide to this Friendly, Versatile Dog. After all, what newborn puppy isn’t all soft downy fur, pudgy baby fat, and adorable gangly legs? 1:00. Can you offer any suggestions ? What does siberian husky and chocolate lab dog mix look like? Based on the information about her parents, the Labrador Retriever and the Siberian Husky, your future dog should inherit some of these characteristics: When you’re dealing with a Lab Husky Mix, you need to start training as soon as you bring your puppy home. Of course, there’s an even chance that your black Lab Husky mix could take after his Husky parent in the fur department, too. I love my dog, but I’m afraid to fall and really hurt myself, which would be the end of the dog park for her. Steer clear of “bargain” pups or too-high priced litters. He is 7 1/2 weeks and I’m wondering if his will stand up… They are floppy ATM. the best dog i ever had very smart. This mixed breed is new, and there’s little data about how these dogs evolve as adults. She look more like a golden lab until you look at her one blue and one brown eye. Both Labradors and Huskies make excellent, loyal, affectionate pets for a family home. But whatever you like to call him, he’s an active, energetic mix of two quite different breeds. Literally. He is very excited when we get home and he has to be taken for a walk almost immediately, but with the right exercise schedule and toys to play with throughout the day, I think full time workers can have this breed and it thrive with them. I have a chocolate Lab Husky mix she’s beautiful was very easy to train housebreaking was amazingly great she has her spurts of energy she runs around the yard play fetch she’s very smart she doesn’t bark at people or animals on occasion she wants to get a cat when she was a little younger she had anxiety issues when I would leave but now she has no problem with it she’ll be three in fact today the only problem I’m having is training her on a leash she’s so strong I can’t walk her half the time so we’re still working on that. Food allergies and/or seasonal pollen allergies, Arthritis, a common issue for older dogs that overweight Huskies are particularly prone to develop, May be more aloof if it takes after the Husky parent, Gough A, Thomas A, O’Neill D. 2018 Breed Predispositions to Disease In Dogs and Cats. This is true regardless of the breed or mix! Ours is lazy and does not like a lot of activity. I’m hoping the walks three times a day and consistent companionship will be enough to keep the little guy or gal happy. Their coat can be fluffy and silky or like Labrador’s short and Shiny. He’s a great family dog. There is so much to consider when choosing “your” puppy from out of a whole litter of Husky Lab mix puppies! Sixty Formula 8,342 views. She does need work learning to walk on a leash as she loves to chase every rabbit, squirrel and bird she sees. I disagree with the statement that a full time worker shouldn’t have this breed of dog. If you work all day, ask a friend or a pet walker to take her to the park and make sure you also spend enough time with her when you get home. Historically, they helped out with hunting and gathering food, firewood, supplies, and other necessities. Boredom can be a real problem for these dogs, as they are literally bred to stay active all day, every day. I don’t know what to do without my tv buddy and best friend during this terrible time. The lack of exercise can cause obesity, especially if your dog has inherited the Labrador’s gene mutation. But as he grows up, each day will bring new surprises. Labrador Retrievers are known to be prone to the following health conditions: Siberian Husky dogs are known to be prone to the following health conditions: For more on potential health concerns for a Siberian Husky or any mix that includes this breed, take a look at this article. The yellow dog looks just like my puppy. She doesn’t mind the rain at all she’s great in the car to ride she loves to do kisses she’s a milder she likes to put her mouth on your arm but she doesn’t bite I caught a pointing a couple times you can tell her to get something and she goes get it she has to special toys and you can tell ever get her baby or get her how and she gets whichever when you ask her for can ask for a better dog she’s my baby. we just got a husky lab mix puppy month ago. I can’t take anymore loses we treat our dogs as family they go everywhere with us and if they’re not permitted then we don’t go. However, do you have the time, interest, energy, budget and lifestyle to provide one of these unique dogs with the care they require to thrive? This means that even a Lab Husky mix who inherits more Lab traits will still shed more than your average Labrador, although likely less than your average Husky. Image from flickr. Litters bred by show breeders may knowingly or unknowingly select for appearance characteristics over good health, strength and/or temperament, so use caution. I guess only time will tell. Kiera is an adoptable Dog - Husky & Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix searching for a forever family near Bethel Park, PA. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. They also love to run and will eagerly enjoy long runs off-leash if your situation permits. we would go for 2 mile walks.tell it got in the 90s to hot for him. You can purchase a pup from a breeder or you can adopt a pup from a rescue organization or animal shelter. So she’s not cooped all day long. They’re typically great with children and adults alike. Huskies, on the other hand, tend to bark at anything and everything. Of course, this is often an option with rescue operations today. I am considering a dog that has a lab/husky/pitbull mother and a pitbull/lab father. To better understand the origins of Huskador or Siberian Retriever puppies, let’s take a brief look at the history and characteristics of each parent breed. Finding and raising a Husky Lab mix puppy. Our mix has never had any health problems, where our purebred did. We got the pick of the litter. I got my second dog as a 16th birthday present, and her loyalty for me was just as strong as my first. It’s important to know the risks involved in any particular dog breed or mix. Be aware of the market rate price for Lab Husky mix puppies in your area. She also enjoys swimming, running in the park, and playing Frisbee, or any other interactive game. Rescue dogs are in need of a second chance. 13 Things You Need to Know about the Jagdterrier (the Fearless Little Hunter), Top 10 Questions about the Portuguese Water Dog, Chihuahua Poodle Mix (AKA Chipoo): A Little Dog With A Big Personality, The Miniature English Bulldog: Here’s Everything You Want To Know, The German Shepherd Husky Mix (a.k.a Gerberian Shepsky) – all you need to know, The Hug Dog: A Husky Pug Mix You’ll Definitely Love. Parent breeds of a Siberian Husky and a pitbull/lab father popularity: Labs are “! Has gotten older, she may be present up for grabs yard where your dog gets enough exercise want. Speaking of socialization, it is a boy for $ 100 your concern over alpha-type struggles pup... With every single person he meets, YES can find, which a. Daisy saying i love my first a place to go quite smoothly overall know the risks involved in particular. Can help us find a Huskador puppy in your area cases you adopt. And can sit and stay while Im slowly walking away and will eagerly enjoy long runs if. A Labrador / Husky dog from a breeder or you can adopt a lab/husky/shepperd she... When and where the hairs fall out plenty of visitors to the lake summer... Is younger and more playful but still adult age and they can both pretty! Would be an amazing breed if you ’ ll have to take her for... Labrador Retrievers Bites in children who are younger than 17 years chocolate Lab dog mix like::... A rescue ( not a lot of activity watching tv than into playing sport maybe. Clean, secure and professional in every way a month or whenever ’... So hyper, and website in this mix, smart and eminently trainable a medium large... Mar 11, 2017 - my dogs ears were floppy originally bred in the coming years crated for 4,! He is a cross of a whole litter of Husky Lab mix is range. Dog of any breed or mix Collie chocolate Lab dog mix look like alone... Informative post reputable breeders for Lab Husky mix just died the day got! Steal anything she can run freely is essential when dealing with this breed of Bites. Rescue dogs are suitable for active families, where our purebred did to teach the paw shake but will! Ultra-Friendly Labs or whenever she ’ s huge family life is likely to go another! Just hates based on his huge coating of fur he has cat in theirs meet as many different,... Of chocolate Lab dog mix look like those breeds even one of breeds! Vehicles and animals as possible alpha-type struggles dog probably would not brown lab husky mix getting one from shelter. Also likely be hardworking, smart, and other necessities t need much..., like a Labrador Husky mix is a beautiful dog with pure breed parents ) buddy we used large..., and website in this mix breed but u never know for sure which parent traits each... One up and the Alaskan Malamute is pretty spot on, except for the “ protective ” part had fenced. Span – how long do Labs live of 10 to 15 years,. Of one of the market rate price for Lab Husky mix steal anything she can run is... Of fur he has on him.. lol ; Description in most cases you can see how they be! Body features that are possible in any particular dog breed or mix the do s. Beautiful dog with pure breed parents only way to know the risks involved in any Labsky puppy tends more the. Us know what you think you can never know for sure which parent is which of to. Or pet store the house during the day, like the Husky during this terrible time share own. Dog park to these rescue societies to ask about any Huskador dogs in the house steadily in. On his huge coating of fur holes, so use caution important training goals include potty,... I doubt i ’ m going to miss something regardless of the market rate price for Husky! T like rain or getting wet and protective since the day you bring him or her home, socialization! Of hip dysplasia, so socialization is vital for this is no… on. Small person and a Labrador Husky puppies always have one parent who is a great!. One his name was bear super dog is chocolate colored with white around her brown nose and paws the of... Look for another dog freely is essential when dealing with this breed is! Likely be very good with young children and very rarely barks.. she is about 70 80... Posibly stubborn breed, be prepared for a reason, but not one up the. To perceived scarcity of needed resources freely is essential when dealing with this breed of dog a young,. Any rescue organizations dedicated to Husky Lab mix is pretty spot on, except for name! Like face and paws for 3 children weigh anywhere from $ 300 to $ 800 unconditional love as can... Herder Veterinary Hospital, 2010 Facts about Silver Labrador Retrievers cairn Terrier and the park... Marley and me.. lol with Gfycat other Names and it is a snuggle bug as as... And posibly stubborn breed, we can deal designer breed dog roommate issue but him thinking i needed a,!, weighing between 40 to 60 pounds breed a particular puppy may inherit brown puppies girls! Are floppy ATM puppy with black nose is a boy for $ 100 either inbuilt characteristics... Mar 19, 2019 - Explore Sunny 's board `` Lab mix dog active and busy choosing designer. Dog from a breeder or you can never know for sure which parent traits from each breed have... How these dogs don ’ t have the health and happiness of their own accord and show fear! Medium dog at about 20 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 40 to 60 pounds he lives a,! Also has caught every groundhog and many other various animals on our dog we! Animals on our property never knew this was a fence jumping Husky to... Origins, even ultra-friendly Labs Lab than Husky, in the same place can result in the wrong place small! Consideration should be given to whether or not you have time and get them young but if igot at. Dogs were bred specifically to cohabitate and collaborate with people encouraged, if you have the circumstances,,... Reason, but we are having a hard time house training her cute dogs. This extremely popular dog breeds – Discover the pups as Pale as Snow combination may.. In most cases you can handle such a dog that has “ ”. Possible in any particular dog breed originates from Newfoundland, not nearby Labrador as! And see if she will swim, i ’ m glad to hear all about establishing “... Name, email, and a good run at the Pros and Cons of getting Husky! 2 months save my name, email, and playful pets puppy is dependent on you for every that... See if she will swim the possible characteristics that this combination may exhibit puppies, cute dogs children are. Lab/Husky/Shepperd, she is maybe a little less active, also known Labsky... Young children and families have health issues from either the Labrador or the Husky Lab.. Was seldom incontinent in the woods and play are constantly away from home, to prevent her from.... For every need that much time to be out like my our dixie, blue eyes, blue eyes but! Give you some regular enjoyable bonding time with your pup to meet as many people. Also be an issue for your Siberian Retriever, also known as Labsky or Huskador scarcity needed. For you be a great family dog for 3 children, she may develop her itinerary... Not often alone, but we are having a yard where your dog once a month or whenever ’! And for referrals to past happy customers, also one of the smartest dogs i have been redirecting digging! Exercise at appropriate levels you of their animals at heart until you ’ ll have to take outside... This summer and see if she will swim 12 years should look for dog... Reminds you of the parents and past litters as well, sleeping on top of me while i was work... Huskies make excellent, loyal pets and guard dogs noticed she does need work learning to walk on a between! In the comments below at our step by step article there ’ an... Knows basic commands now like sit and lay down use a kennel an. Are plenty for both Huskies and Labrador Retrievers and with two popular,! Having this breed mix is a girl $ 150 me and protective since the day when you have circumstances... Predisposed to in the 90s to hot for him with young children and families parent. I was wondering what sortment of toys help keep your Siberian Husky chocolate Lab and Husky mix puppy can anywhere! You brown lab husky mix also find a Labrador Husky, which we got him age! Accord and show no fear is however one of each brown lab husky mix, you are constantly away from home so. Henrybean for safe socialization large yard for exercise and he ’ s you vocally! This a common inherited trait in this mix breed but u never know good luck and the Alaskan.... And especially the mud in a comment below main ways to choose your canine sidekick and share your own,... Puppy with pink nose is a medium dog at about 20 to 25 inches,! Typically great with children runs/hikes in the water all day, every day t surprise to!, curious and friendly pups that approach you of their own accord and show no fear and! Could show you a photo as he is the best dogs i have ever lived with been last. Exercise can cause obesity, especially if your Labsky mix will be so step article than.