Upcoming Meetings

The consultations we host are by-invitation-only, so one will need to write to see if they can be invited.

     If you need more information, please write to office@bluemed.org 

BlueMed 2021 Dates

MEMPC – Sunday, February 21 at 3pm to Tuesday, February 23 till 1pm

NAR – Monday, February 22 at 9am to Tuesday, February 23 till 5pm

NAC – Tuesday, February 23 at 7:30pm to Saturday, February 27 till 11am
              (Note: At 5:30pm there is an orientation for first time participants)

This year we will also host in Malta the Missions Europa Network, a network for those working in Europe.

MEN  – Saturday, February 27 at 3:00pm to Tuesday, March 7 with a morning tour of Malta, till 1:00 pm


The above button will take you to the Member Area to log in or create a user account. If you have not attended one of our consultations before, you will need a recommender which needs to be someone that has attended at least one of our consultations in the past.