Upcoming Meetings

The consultations we host are by-invitation-only, so one will need to write to see if they can be invited.      If you need more information, please write to office@bluemed.org 

BlueMed 2022 Dates

We are planning to hold NAC and MEMPC in 2022 and the dates are:
     MEMPC 20th to 22nd February 2022
     NAC 22th to 26th February 2022


We are working towards meeting physically as long as the pandemic and government measures in relation to travel continue to co-operate.

Following NAC there will be the Missions Europa Network meeting from the 26th of February to the 1st March. POSTPONED (http://www.missionseuropa.net/network-meeting/)

Keep these dates free and pray that COVID-19 will not disrupt our plans! 


The above button will take you to the Member Area to log in or create a user account. If you have not attended one of our consultations before, you will need a recommender which needs to be someone that has attended at least one of our consultations in the past.